Warm-up: Junkyard dog + Bergener Warm-up


WOD A) 7 x (3 Hang Snatch high pulls + 1 Squat Snatch)

(Keep it relatively light here, work on full vertical extension on every rep)


WOD B) 5 x 3 Snatch grip deadlift

(Work up to a heavy 3, but keep snatch start position and torso angle a priority)




DATE – Sunday – WOD


Warm-up: Dynamic warm-up


Mobility: Shoulder mobility


WOD A) Gym skill session (15 mins)

3 sets:

A1) Max set unbroken muscle up’s (banded transition work, kipping pull-up/dip practice)

A2) Max set kipping HSPU (Sub 5-7 controlled negatives)

A3) Max Rope climbs in 1 min

Rest as needed between efforts


WOD B) 10 rounds for max Cals + Reps (20 min)

30s Row for Cal

30s Rest

30s AMRAP Burpees

30s Rest