Warmup) 2 rounds (10 mins):


4 laps of the rig with high knees, butt kicks etc.

8-10 Bulgarian split squats per leg

8-10 pushups or ring pushups

8-10 banded side steps and squats


WOD A) Back squat e90secs x 8 sets:


4 x 4-6 reps @ 60/65/70/75%

2 x 2-3 reps @ 80-85%

2 x 1-2 reps @ 90-95%


*Go by feel on the sets today; ideally keep higher rep sets for as long as possible but no misses, the goal is to get under a heavy bar today so adjust reps accordingly


WOD B) for time:


20 calorie row

20 back squats 205/135lb (scale to approx. 60-65% of heaviest single)

20 ring dips

20 front squats 135/95lb

20 hand release pushups

20 thrusters 95/65lb

20 burpees on to a plate

20 calorie row


*Racks are ok to be used for back squats

*One bar for the workout, change your own plates

*Scale gymnastics movements down to 15 reps as needed