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About CODY

“Growing up overweight I struggled with my physical and mental health. After years of being frustrated with my weight and not doing anything about it, I started taking action towards my health and fitness.

This resulted in becoming confused by conflicting evidence, jumping on and off fad diets, extreme programs, and restrictive eating only to lose and gain over and over again. I had enough of the yo-yo dieting and decided to educate myself through Precision Nutrition.

Through completing Precision Nutrition Level 2 and applying what I have learned to myself and my coaching, I have been successful in helping many others who share similar struggles with health and nutrition, and others who want to really hone in on their habits and get amazing results.

My goal is to help as many people as i can in breaking through those insurmountable barriers.”




Have someone who will support you and hold you accountable to your goals


Find balance between living the life you love and a healthy diet


Ditch the food rules, fad diets and learn what works best for you


Reap all the benefits of performance at the gym and daily activities


Create sustainable habits that support your long-term goals


Simplify nutrition, feel confident and see amazing results


Nutrition Coaching

Weekly Check Ins
$199/add on
  • 4 week add on
  • 1 Payment of $199 +gst
  • Continuation of Nutrition Plan
  • Weekly accountability sessions
  • Weekly tips and tricks to stay on track

Nutrition Coaching

Bi-Weekly Check Ins
$149/add on
  • 4 week add on
  • 1 Payment of $149 +gst
  • Continuation of Nutrition Plan
  • Bi-Weekly accountability sessions
  • Weekly tips and tricks to stay on track


Do I have to count calories?

Only if you want to! Calorie and macro tracking is very popular but there are many other ways, potentially less stressful and more sustainable, that can get you the same results.

Do I need to weigh myself?

It can be helpful but certainly not necessary to see results. Oftentimes getting rid of the scale only improves progress!

Do I have to eliminate any food groups?

Short answer: No. The only reason you might eliminate a food group is if you are allergic or intolerant to it. While working with my clients such hidden obstacles are uncovered.

What services do you offer?

I offer many personalized services to each of my clients, depending on what they need help with the most. Some of the services I provide include, and not limited, to:

  • Meal Ideas – Helping you develop a bank of recipes and meals that support your goals while on-the-go and during busy times.
  • Kitchen Makeover – Helping you set your kitchen up for success by stocking up on cooking materials and ingredients and getting rid of items that are not serving you.
  • Grocery Shopping – Helping you create a grocery list and how to shop for healthy food on a budget.
  • Calorie and Macro counting – helping you set and adjust your calories for your specific goals and how to remain consistent.


I learned a lot about what I put in my body and how it actually affects my energy levels and composition.

Sarah Morten
Sarah Morten

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I’m Proud Of Myself
Carolina Issa

So happy that I participated in this challenge as I have really changed the way I’ve been eating and enjoyed the process – I haven... Read More

I’m So Happy
Patrick Levesque

Working with Cody helped me achieve goals beyond body compensation. During our time together I was able to run my fastest half marathon to

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Thank You
Emily Spence

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A Huge Influence In My Health And Fitness
Jordan Mushanski
Cody is extremely knowledgeable, methodical, compassionate and dedicated to helping people live a healthier lifestyle.
I worked with Cody f...
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Knowledgeable, Methodical, Compassionate and Dedicated
Jaimie Bashutski


The Lean – Gain – Perform
Nutrition Challenge with Cody
Running: March 1st – 31st
Now open for registration.
This 31 day challenge is designed to help you dial in your nutrition to kick start your results whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, or just tone up for summer.
For this challenge you can choose to either count calories and macros, or keep it simple and use the hand method to track servings. You will be provided with personalized calories or servings based on your goals that align with one of the options below:
Lean: Learn portion sizes that will kick-start your body into burning fat. This program will have you consuming less calories than you burn to encourage weight-loss.
Gain: Ensure you’re eating enough, and not too much, to pack on lean muscle without any unneeded fat. In this program you will be eating more calories than you expend in a day so that you can add some size.
Perform: Dial in your macronutrient intake (protein/carbs/fat) to increase muscle tone and performance. This program will focus on the finer details to keep your hard earned muscle, burn some fat and perform your best.
The challenge will be points-based and a weekly leaderboard will be posted for some friendly competition. Points will be awarded for hitting your personalized calories/servings, water, and sleep goals. The leaderboard will be posted in the challenge Facebook group along with weekly tips, tricks and social support.
Your progress will be reflected in the photos taken at the start and end of the challenge so that you can clearly see the progress you’ve made. Your weight will also be taken at the start of the challenge so that you can be provided your personalized calorie or serving goals. It can be hard to notice results on the scale and in the mirror in such a short time, and this is where progress pictures are key.
We will have a space setup at the gym to take pictures & weight on Sunday February 21, 2021.
Saturday February 27 we will kick-off with a zoom meeting and to review and answer any questions.
Contact Us to join or enquire! 
Price: $95+gst


Ready To Go?


Ready To Go?





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