Success. This is all we could ever ask of our members. It’s been a few months since we introduced the paleo challenge to everyone and it is simply amazing to see you sticking with it and making real changes in your lives… Read on.


Hi folks, so I want to report in on the Paleo Challenge and really my whole Crossfit journey. The short story is that in a year, I’ve lost 15 lbs, many inches, am way stronger, and way happier. The longer story is that the combination of Crossfit and Paleo have literally changed my life and my outlook. In terms of the way I eat, I don’t know if it’s the dairy, gluten, sugar, or a combination but my brain is clear, I get 5 times more work done, my emotions are much more level, and my body is starting to look like me again. It’s not that I care anymore about being thin. I really don’t. I just want my body to look like healthy me. This used to be funny to me (probably from a self preservation perspective) but I was so sore, inflexible, and weak, that my boyfriend would have to pull me up off the couch. We used to laugh about it but I don’t think that either one of us were really laughing. It feels so good to carry heavy boxes and bags up my three flights of stairs, and to have a body that is looking stronger everyday. My body image issues and shame have been significant I refused to go on a diet because I knew I would just gain the weight back and feel slightly more crappy about myself. You guys have taught me to nourish my body in abundance with lots of healthy food and this has changed so many things. I’m not driven by food and drinking anymore. I don’t know exactly why this is the case but I imagine that part of it is the lack of shame, the other part is to do with cleaning out my system, getting my bacteria healthy again, not having huge insulin spikes and crashes all day. Anyway, regardless of the fact that I don’t get out to Crossfit as often as I could, I’m very happy when I’m there. This is a long slow journey for me and I feel like I’m tackling one piece at a time and it’s working. So, thanks to you very wise, loving, hard-ass coaches/owners. And thanks to the rest of you for just being nice, for correcting my form, for posting great recipes, and for being on the journey with me. Xo


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