Hi Jason,
This first week has definitely been tough.  Hard on the ego as well, I’m in pretty rough shape 🙂
But you guys are awesome, by far the best CF coaching I have ever received.  I spend about 6 hours a week in a hot yoga room…I have a great teacher there named Dan, he uses a metaphor that I quite like:  The posture is like a puzzle and our bodies the puzzle peices.  The emphasis is rooted in body placement and movement/breathing with intention.  It has had a huge impact on my crossfitting.  Not that it has improved my overall weights, times etc., but it has increased my body awareness.  In yoga we use mirrors, so we can visually see where we need to improve (shift the puzzle peices)  and make adjustments accordingly, at crossfit this is not the case.  Sometimes it is really hard to tell if something is askew in the midst of a lift or WOD, but you and the other coaches at 604 are an amazing set of eyes.  Your coaching style is engaged, and encouraging…you guys don’t miss a beat and I appreciate it.
This is my third crossfit box and I have NEVER had such foundationally strong coaching.  I was worried coming in that it wouold take me year to get back to where I was…this will not be the case.  I know it will be baby steps but already after three wods I am feeling differences in my body and I know I will reach my CF goals quicker than I imagined.
Thanks again



Thanks Brianne, We are so happy to receive emails like this! Cheers to your dedication to CrossFit!