DATE – Friday Aug 8th


Warm-up: Junk-yard dog + Burgener warm-up with a dowel


Mobility: With 2 light plates complete 2 rounds:

5 x “ATYT”,

10 x “WY”

10 x Plate squats (hold the 2 light plates straight out in front of you)

(Quick hip opener stretch between the 2 rounds)


WOD A) Every 90s x 10 sets (15 min)

Halting snatch deadlift + hang snatch + snatch


Just like the cleans we did on Tuesday pause for 2-3 seconds just above the knee on the snatch deadlift before completing the movement. Work on a strong starting position, and a consistent first pull off the floor with no change in your back angle.


WOD B) Against a 10 min clock complete:

B1) 2000m Row (max effort), then;

B2) AMRAP Doubleunders in remaining time


Score both events separately; do not ease up on the row in an attempt to get more doubleunders!