DATE – Wednesday



2 min max Double Unders



Banded Ankle flexion – 1min front/1 min back

Banded Pre-Squat Hip Opener – 2 mins each leg

(Shoulder dislocates etc. w/ thin band while movements are being tech’d)


WOD A) Skill work, 2-3 Rounds NFT (20 mins including tech):



2-3 Rope Climbs: Work on efficient, long pulls

7-12 Butterfly Pullups or Butterfly Chest to Bar Pullups

10-12 Pistols


Here is a great demo/explanation video of the butterfly pullup. Watch it and try and practice what you’ve learned in class!Butterfly Pullup – Chris Spealler



1-2 Rope Climbs – or 3 pulls from ground

5-10 Kipping Pullups – Band Assisted OK to practice kipping

6-8 Pistols, assisted pistols (to box etc.), or single leg split squat


Here a two great demo videos from, one on the kipping movement, one on the kipping pullup itself:

Kipping – Carl Paoli

Kipping Pullup – Carl Paoli


WOD B) 3 Rounds for time:


500m Row

400m Run