DATE – Monday:

Warm-up) 5-7 mins high intensity:

High knees/butt kicks/side lunges/frog leaps etc.

50’ Duck Walk with light slamball or KB in front rack


Shoulder stretch with band on pullup bar: front rack and lats

Warmup movements in WOD

WOD A) Teams of 2 complete the following for time:

1km Sandbag Run – one sandbag, switch whenever you like


3 Rounds:

30 Thrusters 115/75LB

30 Toes to Bar

*THRUSTERS: Divide reps in half, alternating whenever. Barbell must not touch the ground once it is up; pass from hang position. 10 burpee penalty if bar is dropped before 30 reps are completed.

**TOES TO BAR: Partners must both hang from pullup bar while TTB are being completed, only one person working at a time. No penalty for dropping down but reps cannot be completed unless both partners are hanging.


1km Sandbag Run