Dynamic hip openers
Band shoulder warmup
Front squat / C&J warmup


Clean x 2

E90SECS x 5 sets:
2 Cleans
*Start at 55-60% and build each set, aim to hit a *good* max on last set, don’t go to failure
*4-5 mins rest / transition before starting B – strip bar down to 50% of todays 2RM


Hang Clean x 2

E90SECS x 5 sets:
2 Hang Cleans
*Start at 50% of A and gradually build back up, aiming to hit a *good* max on set 5


Jerk x 2

C1) 15 mins to build to a 2RM pause split jerk – hold 3 secs in landing of both reps ***only pause reps count, set is void if you miss your pause on either rep***
—Rest 3 mins—
C2) E90SECS x 5 sets:
2 pause jerks @ 85-90% of C1


3 rounds NFT:
1) UB complex, heavy as possible:
6 DB strict press + 6-8 Push press + 50′ overhead carry
2) Max pronated chin-over-bar hold
3) 30 Russian twists