Dynamic stretch / movement prep


WOD A) Teams of 3, 90 secs per station to accumulate max reps3 rounds:


1) Handstand Pushups 4” deficit for guys (Pike Pushups for beginners)

2) 50’ Sled Drag – divide the amount of weight on the sled by 10 to give you your score per completed drag, for example a 50’ sled drag with 100lbs added to it is worth 10 reps – sled must be loaded in increments of 10

3) Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20”

-Rest 90 secs between rounds-

*Each team must have at least 1 guy or girl; 3 guy / girl teams are not allowed


-Rest 5 mins before moving onto WOD B-


WOD B) 10 mins to establish a 1 rep max clean as a team: each team member must establish a 1 rep max power or squat clean. Score is the team’s total weight.