Leg swings x 10/side/direction
10 x Samson lunges
20 x Alternating Dead bugs (supine, core engaged, keep heels off the ground)
8/side x Bird dogs (quadruped, opposite elbow to knee, then extend and hold for 2s)
8 x Iron Cross Stretch w/ 5s hold
8 x Scorpion stretch w/ 5s pec stretch/hold
8/side x Single leg good mornings w/ 10s hold on last rep
1-5 x Push up ladder + Down dog stretch


EMOM x 10 sets: 3 x Dynamic Deadlift
– Same weight across all sets @ 60-65% of 1RM
– Not touch and go, short pause / reset between each rep
– Advanced athletes may try a the banded variation
– Perfect mechanics, and bar speed specifically past the knees is the first priority.
– 5 min to warm-up to working weight


Every 90s x 12 sets (Alternate between each movement for 4 rounds each) (18 min total)

B1) 10 x Bench press
B2) 8/arm x Single arm bent over row (@2,1,X,0) (use heavy DB or KB)
B3) 12-15 x Ring knee tucks (sub tuck-ups or v-ups)

Start BP at roughly 55-60% of 1RM, or a smooth set of 10 and attempt to make small jumps to a challenging but makable set of 10 on the 4th round.
Use the 20″ boxes for the rows as benches will be taken

Bench Press X 10

WOD C (Optional Accessory)

30-40 x Banded good mornings
20 x Banded tricep press downs
20 x Dumbbell Bicep curls (10/arm alternating)