Dynamic running warm-up + Calf stretch
Hollow rock / Superman lifts midline warm-up
Hanging shoulder openers
Beat swings / TTB practice

How Deep Is Your Love
Complete 3 full rounds (6 x 4 min intervals, 3 of each) – 36 min total w/ rest:

A1) In 4 min complete:
500m/400m Row
15 Box jump over’s (24/20”)
then; AMRAP Doubleunders in remaining time
– Rest 2 min-
A2) In 4 min complete:
500m Run
15 Toes to bar
then; AMRAP Kettlebell swings (24/16kg) in remaining time
– Rest 2 min –

Score is total Doubleunders + total KB swings combined.
Start half the class on A1) and half on A2) alternating each set.
Optional Midline

2-3 rounds NFT:
– 15-20 GHD sit-ups
– 10/side x Single leg glute bridge
– 30-45s x Static handstand hold practice ‘o