Monday  – Pause Front Squats alt. with gymnastics


Warmup) 2 Rounds:

3 KB Arm Bars per arm w/5sec hold – heavy

6 Bulgarian Split Squats per leg @2111 tempo – kb in front rack if needed

5 Vertical Jumps


WOD A) Alt. EMOM x 10 mins (5 sets each):

1) 3 Pause Front Squats: 2 sec pause at your lowest point, focus on perfect position today at lighter weights, it will have a big transfer into your top-end numbers (55-65% of 1RM)

2) Isometric Handstand Hold: slowly lower yourself to 1-2” above failure point and perform an 8-12 sec hold

Adv: work to deficit if needed

Int: work as low as possible

Beg: Work from either a pike positon or regular pushup position


WOD B) 4 Rounds for time:

16 Barbell Jumping Lunges – choose a weight that is challenging but unbroken, racks can be used, knee stops 1-2” above the ground, NO BANGING YOUR KNEE ON THE GROUND

2 Legless Rope Climbs (Int 2-3 with legs, Beg 15 Ring Rows)

16 Ball Slams 40/30lb


**Cool-down with “Plyo” and a 2 min couch stretch per leg**