DATE – Friday


Warm-up) 5 mins Agility ladder + dynamic stretch on the way back


Mobility) 5 mins Squat Therapy: standing in front of a wall with hands up, work on a controlled decent, maintaining torso position throughout. Gradually work to full depth if you struggle with mobility. Take a pause for a few seconds in the bottom to open your hips and shoulders. You can use a box, bench or med-ball to squat to if you need. Take a break as needed but utilize this time to work on squat position.


WOD A) Front Squat: 15 mins to build to a heavy single


WOD B) CrossFit Games Open WOD 12.5

7 min AMRAP Ladder:

3 Thrusters 100/65lb

3 Chest to Bar Pullups

6 Thrusters 100/65lb

6 Chest to Bar Pullups

9 Thrusters 100/65lb

9 Chest to Bar Pullups…

*Add 3 reps to both exercises each round and see how far you can go in 7 mins. Score = total reps.