DATE – Saturday Aug 23th


Warm-up/mobility: Big group dynamic warm-up, pre-squat hip/hamstring stretch out


Mobility: Banded overhead/front rack stretch


Review WOD flow, movements, and substitutions

Warm up to Grace weight and practice a few thrusters and pull-ups between reps.



WOD A) Girls, Girls, Girls…

Working off of a running clock complete each for time:


A1) “Jackie” (10 min time cap, Score TC + remaining reps)

1000m Row

50 Thrusters (45/35)

30 Pull-ups (sub ring rows)


When the clock hits 15:00, complete:


A2) “Grace” (5 min time cap, score total completed reps)

30 Clean and Jerks (135/95lb)


When the clock hits 25:00, complete:


A3) “Annie” (10 min time cap, score TC + remaining reps)


Double-unders (Scale 2-1 for single-unders if not proficient at DU’s)

Ab-mat sit-ups (Anchored ok today, use dumbbells or sandbag)


– Partner up for this WOD and use the same equipment where possible.

– Scale the Grace weight so that 5-8 touch and go reps are

– Stagger the second group by exactly 5 min.

– When partner B is done their “Jackie”, be sure that empty bar is put away.

– Group 1 will be done or time caped at 35 min, group B at 40 min.