DATE – Thursday


Warm-up) 2 mins max Double Unders


Mobility) 8 mins to address your own mobility issues. Think about opening shoulders and hamstrings for WOD



WOD A) Skill/Strength – 3 Rounds NFT (15 mins):

*If you want to sub out any of these exercises for a different skill exercise that you need to work on then go for it.




5-10 HSPU – work on either strict or kipping. Try to work to a deficit if these are a strong movement for you.

2-3 Rope Climbs – Practice a legless climb ONLY IF YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH. Only try a few pulls if you are new to this, not a full climb. Use your legs to control yourself back down.

5-10 GH Raises




Practice either: a set of HSPU’s to abmat, or a max handstand hold

1-2 Rope Climbs

3-5 assisted GH Raises or 7-10 Hip ext. add weight if possible


WOD B) 5 sets alternating w/partner (or rest 1:1):

1 min MAX EFFORT Row for Meters

*Total up your own meters