DATE – Tuesday



Junkyard Dog w/partner (Ankle circles/calf stretch etc. first)

2 rounds:

5 Wall Angels – slow and controlled

10 Band pull-aparts

10 Band dislocates


Mobility) Shoulder stretch w/green band


WOD A) 18-20 mins to build to a Heavy Snatch Pull + Snatch – Experienced lifters get straight into it. Tech review with newer lifters.

*Use the Snatch Pull to feel the movement pattern before going back to the ground, resetting, and snatching the weight. 4-5 working sets max, don’t burnout before the WOD.


– CHOOSE EITHER WOD B OR C DEPENDING ON SKILL LEVEL. If you don’t have muscle ups before today then you will be doing WOD B as there will not be a muscle up clinic before the WOD today. Here is a link to the muscle up page. There are some great video demos that you can learn from and practice in class.


WOD B) For time: (12 min cap)

18-14-10 Chest to Bar or Regular Pullups

18-14-10 Ring Dips or Bar Dips

9-7-5 Snatch – Pick a weight that will challenge and tax you physically but you can also keep solid mechanics with




WOD C) “Amanda” (12 min cap)

9-7-5 reps for time of:

Muscle Up

Snatch 135/95lb (reps must be full squat)

*Muscle Up reps and Snatch weight can be modified if you have some muscle ups and would like to try this workout.