DATE – Friday

Warm-up: Dynamic warm up + roll out quads, glutes, and work thoracic extension

Mobility: Pre-squat hip opener

WOD A) (15-17min)
5 x 3 – 1+¼ Front squats @ 50-60% of 1RM
(Rest 60-90s)

Focus on perfect mechanics and positioning over maximal loads

WOD B) (20 mins)
Partner version of “Hockey Night in Canada”:

20 rounds for max reps, alternate rounds with your partner.
30s AMRAP Wallballs (20/14lb)
30s AMRAP Ball slams (30/20lb)

One athlete performs as many wallballs as possible in 30 sec, followed immediately by as many ball slams as possible in 30 sec. They then rest one minute while their partner starts the wallballs. Score the total number of reps accumulated in all 20 rounds.