DATE – Tuesday Aug 19th


Warm-up: Quick dynamic lengths, then:

2 rounds of:

10 x Plate squat (15/10lb @3,1,X,1)

15 x Banded good mornings (Green or Black)


Mobility: Banded posterior chain floss + front rack stretch


WOD A) EMOM x 15: Clean x 1

Start at roughly 65% of 1RM and progress as needed to 90-95%

– 5 min to warm-up to starting weight / tech newer athletes


WOD B) 8 sets: (16 min)

Within 30 seconds complete 5 deadlifts (see below),

In the next 30 seconds complete AMRAP burpees (2 hand touch to a bar 6” inch above reach)

– Rest 1 min –


– Adv (275/185) Int (225/155) Beg (185/125 or less as needed)

– Deadlifts should not be ‘touch and go’, but treated as 5 singles with a slight pause and re-set on the floor each rep.

– Weight should be heavy but the bar speed should not be slow

– Re-enforce perfect starting mechanics and good tension pulling the weight off the floor each rep.

– Record weight used and total # of Burpees


WOD C) Optional accessory work:

3 sets NFT:

15-20 x GHD sit-ups

15-20 x Sandbag glute bridge (lap the sandbag and put shoulders up on a bench)