DATE – Monday Aug 18th


Warm-up: Run 500m + dynamic warm-up


Mobility: Pre-squat hip stretch, thoracic openers, dowel front rack stretch


WOD A) 10 min EMOM: (5 rounds alternating)

A1) Thruster x 3 (from a rack, work up to a challenging but not 3 RM)

A2) Tall Box jump x 1.1.1 (work up to a challenging but not max set, 3-5s between jumps)


WOD B) 15 min AMRAP:

10 Dumbbell thrusters (45/30) (first few rounds should be unbroken)

10 Alternating dumbbell rows (Plank hold 5/side)

30 Doubleunders (Scale to 20/10 as needed, first round should be 1min max)