DATE – Saturday

Warm-up: 5 mins vollyball keep ups

Mobility : Pre-squat hip opener + forearm stretches

Tech and warm up WOD movements (specify rope climb, front squat, and KB snatch)

WOD A) A take on the final Masters WOD Coach Jenn completed down at the CrossFit games 2 weeks ago!

For time (Chipper):

100 x Doubleunders
200m run
4 x Rope climbs (sub 20 ring rows)
Run 200m
30 x Front squats (135/95)
200m Run
100m KB farmers carry (2x 32/24kg) (to the corner of Cambie and back)
200m Run
30 KB snatch (24kg / 16kg) (15L/15R broken up any way)
200m Run