Dynamic squat / hip prep
Band shoulder warmup drills


Back Squat x 4

Max UB Strict Handstand Pushups x 4 sets

Alt. e90secs x 4 sets each (12 mins)

1) 4 Back squats @ 85-95% of last Monday’s 5RM

2) Max UB strict handstand pushups
*Leave a couple in the tank each round to prevent burning out too soon
*Score = total combined reps
*Scale to a progression that will give you 6-10 reps first round


Let It Burn
7 min AMRAP ladder 3-6-9-12-15
Front squats 155/105lb
Chest to bar pullups
*Score = total reps

Optional buns & abs accessory

3 Rounds, not for time
20 Walking lunges – hold DB’s or KB’s
20 GHD situps

Crossover plyo between or after sets