DATE – Tuesday

Burgener snatch warm up with dowel
Junkyard dog (5 each direction/each)
Bergener snatch warm up with dowel or empty barbell

Mobility: Roll out upper back and lats + quads

Spend 5 min warming up the hang power snatch and snatch balance

WOD A) Perform a 10 min EMOM, alternate between each movement each minute (5 rounds each)

A1) 2 x Hang power snatch + 2 Snatch balance (65-75% of 1RM, reps should be heavy but unbroken)

A2) 5-7 x dead hang pull-ups (Pronated grip only, use bands or challenging ring row as mod)

WOD B) 5 x Victory Square hill sprints carrying a sandbag or heavy slam ball
(walk back down, then rest 2-3 minutes before next sprint)