Dynamic hip & shoulder warm-up + Snatch prep

Barbell Warm-up:
Overhead squat complex with an empty bar (or dowel as needed):
5 reps of each: Rest 10-15s between sets:
A. Slow down fast up
B. Slow down, 3s pause at the bottom, fast up
C. 1+1/2 Reps, (Full squat, up 1/2 way, back down then up. Pause at the top between reps.)

Snatch Warm-up: Light plates on the bar (or empty bar as needed)
A. 5 x Snatch Pulls
B. 5 x Muscle Snatch
C. 3 x Power Snatch (3s hold in the catch)
D. 3 x Deep power snatch (3s hold in the catch)
E. 3 x Full Snatch


Snatch + Hang Snatch

In 16 min build to a heavy set of: 1 full snatch + 1 hang snatch.
Rest as needed between sets.


Straight Outta Gastown
Complete for time:
Run 500m
21 x Hang Power Snatch (115/75)
Run 500m
15 x Hang Power Snatch
Run 500m
9 x Hang Power Snatch

Optional / Accessory

Crossover Symmetry “Recovery”