Warmup/Mobility) 2 Rounds:

3 KB Arm Bars per arm with 5 secs hold each rep – moderate/heavy

6-8 Strict Pullups/Band Assisted

10-15 Pushups or Clapping Pushups

*10-12 mins max.*


WOD A) Benchmark “Lynne” (30 min clock from starting warmup to getting the workout finished – aim to start your first set 6-8 mins into the timer at the latest)

5 Rounds:

Max Reps Bodyweight Bench Press (Scale to a weight you can get at least 5-8 reps first round)

Max Reps Pullups (Perform a max. supinated chin over bar hold if you don’t have un-assisted pullups)


*start your set of pull-ups 10-15 secs after finishing your set on the bench, then rest 2-3 mins before starting your next set of bench press



8 min ascending AMRAP ladder 3-6-9-12-15-18 etc… Add 3 reps each round:

Ball Slams 40/30lb

Ring Pushups (sub parallette push-ups with feet on 12″ box)



”Optional” Crossover Symmetry Plyo