Run 500m
Couch stretch 90s / side
Partner Dowel stretch – Overhead (extension) + behind the back (shoulder flexion – palm down) 60s / each


10 min: Complete 3-4 rounds resting as needed:
A1) Practice 1-2 of you most challenging/efficient rope climb variations.
Advances athletes try: Legless (up and down if possible), Straddle, Weighted etc.

A2) 3-5 reps of: Skin the cats, and/or Front + Back lever progressions, (Ring inversions), and/or Ring or Bar Ice cream makers


Too Much?
Complete 8 rounds for total reps/cal completed:
30s Work / 30s Rest for 32 min:

Assault bike (Cals)
Alternating dumbbell snatch (45/30lb)
Row (Cal)
Burpee (two hand bar touch)

Group into 3’s or 4’s based on class size and start on different stations rotating in order.
Use paper scraps to record reps/cals for each section.
Burpee bar touch must be a two hand touch to a pull-up bar at least 3-4 inches out of reach while standing.

Accessory / Optional

3 sets NFT:
8-10 x Powell raises @3,0,3,0 (use light DB’s or plates)
15-20 x Superman lifts (2s hold) Try holding 2x 2.5 or 5lb plates
15-20s Parallette L-Sit hold