DATE – Sunday Aug 10th


Warm-up:  Dynamic lengths, then;

2 rounds of:

15-20 Banded good mornings (Green or Black)

8-10 Jumping squats

6-8 Perfect push-ups (3,1,X,1)


Mobility: Banded hip extension stretch


WOD A) In 20 min build to a 1 RM power clean


WOD B) EMOM x 10 (5 alternating sets)

B1) 5 x Power cleans (use roughly 70-75% of ‘A’ if possible)

B2) 8-10 x Strict ring or bar dips (no kipping)


Ideally work on “touch and go” reps for the power cleans, should be a manageable yet challenging weight for 5 reps. Place rings/dip bars high enough so that you can maintaing a hollow body position throughout the dip (no knee bend unless banded). (Record B1 only)


WOD C) 3 rounds not for time:

15-20 x GHD sit-ups (Beginners, scale to 10-12 reps or V-ups)

4 x Turkish get-ups (2/side alternating, as heavy as possible)