3-4 mins dynamic hips/lower: circles, swings etc.
Glute activation: banded side steps & squats
2 rounds:
12-16 jumping lunges
8-10 jumping squats
*10-15 secs rest between exercises
WOD A) back squat – % based off 1RM (approx 15 mins):
3 reps EMOM @ 50,60,70%
2 reps E2MOM @ 75,80%
3×1 rep E2MOM @ 80-90% – shouldn’t be any chance of failing
90 secs AMRAP pistols (mod: pistols to box/bench or Bulgarian split squats x 30-40s per leg)
-rest 90 secs-
3 rounds for time:
15 front squats 155/105lb (challenge yourself but no more than 2 sets first round
30/20/10-15 pull-ups (adv/int/beg – should be able to get half the reps done in your first set/first round)
-rest 90 secs-
90 secs AMRAP jumping lunges
B1: total pistols
B2: WOD time (total time -6mins)
B3: total jumping lunges