DATE – Sunday


Warm-up: 2 rounds:

300-400m Row + Dynamic upper/lower body (squat prep) warm-up (alternate w/ partner)


Mobility: Posterior chain floss + banded front rack mob


WOD A) Every 2 min x 8 (ascending in weight) (16 mins)

Clean grip deadlift + hang clean shrug + hang squat clean + squat clean


WOD B) 4 alternating sets: (15-17 min)

B1) Deadlift x 5 (touch and go, moderate to heavy)

Rest 30-40s

B2) Pull-ups x 10-15 ‘or’ Muscle ups (ring or bar) x 3-5

Rest 60-90s


WOD C) Partner WOD: 10 rounds for time: Alternate complete rounds with your partner.

300m Row

10 Burpee w/ lateral jump over parallette


(as soon as your last burpee is complete, your partner may start the row)