DATE – Wednesday April 30th


Warm-up: 3 rounds:

3 wall walks

8-10 Ring Rows

30-50 Doubleunders / 50-70 singles


Mobility: Banded shoulder stretches


WOD A) EMOM x 15 – 5 rounds alternating:

A1) 3 x Weighted pull-up (Build across the 5 sets to a 3RM)

A2) 5 ( x Tall Box jumps (Rest 3-5s between jumps)

A3) 5-7 x Handstand push-ups (Sub pike off bench or box, banded, or seated KB press)


Challenge yourself on the HSPU’s by adding a deficit or trying strict. Record 3RM weighted pull-up only.


WOD B) For time:

21 Burpee pull-ups

Run 800m

15 Burpee pull-ups

Run 400m

9 Burpee pull-ups

Run 200m


Sub burpee jumping pull-up for those with out pull-ups