DATE – Thursday April 3rd  


Warm-up: Junkyard dog


Mobility: Partner dowel overhead stretch


Burgener warm-up w/ dowel


WOD A) EMOM x 10 – Snatch x 2 (touch and go reps)

– Reps can be full or power, full preferred.

– Suggesting loading

Sets 1-3 @ 5-6%

Sets 4-7 @ 60-70%

Sets 8-10 @ 70-80%

(Novice lifters may keep the bar light and not increase or just go by feel)



For time:

800m Run

30 Power snatch (115/75)

800m Run


WOD C) Tabata abs

20s on / 10s rest – alternate exercises through 3 rounds (6 min total)

Grasshoppers (oposite shin to forearm)

Plank hold

Russian twist (slam ball)

Hollow hold