Sunday Oly/Strength/WOD



Dynamic: high kness, butt kicks, inch worms, lateral lunges, duck walk etc.

With a light KB 10-15 reps: swings, goblet squats, presses, RDL’s



Front Rack

Hip Openers


WOD A) (25 mins) E2MOM x 7 sets perform 1 complex of:

1 Hang Power Clean

1 Hang Clean

1 Clean

1 Jerk

*Progressively add weight each set, keeping technique perfect


WOD B) 4-5 Rounds of (4-5 based on how you feel):

1) 10 Push Jerks – heavy but smooth/unbroken

2) 6-8 Pendlay Rows @41X1 tempo – as heavy as tempo will allow

*Rest 60-90 secs between exercises