Warmup) 2 Rounds:


8-10 Leg Swings each direction/leg

8-10 Banded Side Steps each direction/forward&back

8-10 Glute Bridge w/2-3 second pause

5 KB RDL’s each leg – KB Can be in either hand or both if needed for balance. Slow and controlled

20-30 secs Flutter Kick


WOD A) (18-20 mins) Wendler Deadlift: % for this cycle will be based off of 90% of your 1RM. This will be referred to as your “training max”. For example, if your 1 rep max Deadlift is 100lb then you will use 90lb to calculate your working %


Warmup sets:

1×5 @ 40-45%

1×5 @ 45-50%

1×3 @ 50-55%


Working sets:

1×5 reps @65%

1×5 reps @75%

1×5+ Max Effort set @85%

*Rest 2-3 mins between working sets

**Go hard on the ME set but stop when you feel like the next rep will cause your technique to breakdown


WOD B) 3 Rounds not for time (12 mins to complete):

10-12 Barbell Good Mornings @2010 tempo – use a weight that is challenging but will stay unbroken (go no lower than 90 degrees)

8-10 Single Leg Glute Bridges per side @30X1 tempo – add weight with a plate, KB or slamball if needed

8-12 Hanging Straight Leg Raises, parallel to ground @21X1 tempo – NO KIP. Modify to bent knees if needed. Set doesn’t have to be unbroken


WOD C) 10x200m Run Alt. with a partner (5 sets each)