DATE – Wednesday


Warm-up: Quick dynamic shoulder circles then,

8 min – alternate between working on handstand holds and light Turkish get-ups or KB arm bar holds.


Mobility: Banded shoulder stretches


WOD A) Every 90s x 10 (5 rounds of each movement) – 15 min

A1) Bench Press x 6-8 reps (@3,1,X,1)

A2) Ring rows x 10-12 (@3,1,x,1)


WOD B) 3 rounds for max reps: (~15 min)

1 min – Row (Cals)

30s rest

1 min – Kettlebell Snatch (24/16kg)(30sR/30sL) (Sub single arm KB Russian swing)

30s rest

1 min – Burpee ball slams (30/20lb)

30s rest