DATE – Saturday April 19th


Warm-up: 5-7 min volleyball keep ups w/ jumping jacks, squats & burpee penalties.


Mobility: Band dislocates, pull aparts, and presses but mix in some hollow rocks, v-ups and lunges


WOD A) 4 rounds for reps & quality: (12 mins)

30s Handstand push-ups (sub wall walks or seated strict KB press)

30s Rest

30s Toes to Bar

30s Rest

30s Sandbag walking lunge steps (heavy/light) (front rack, each step counts as 1)

30s rest



WOD B) In 10 min complete a 2km row, then AMRAP doubleunders in remaining time.

(Record 2km row time as B1, and # of completed doubleunders as B2.)