DATE – Friday April 18th


Warm-up: Big group dynamic warm-up


Mobility: Banded hamstring floss + banded shoulder/overhead stretch


Review Barbell movements + 7-10 min to practice / warm-up to working weight.


WOD A) Partner WOD: Pair up with someone of similar strength and complete for time:


50 Pull-ups (one person working at a time – break up as needed) then;

“Partner DT”, complete 10 rounds (alternating complete rounds only) of:

12 x Deadlifts

9 x Hang power cleans

6 x Push Jerks


50 Pull-ups


Beg/Int, scale pull-ups to 30/40 reps.

Choose DT loading accordingly:

Rx+ 175/115lb

Rx: 155/105lb

Int: 115-135/75-85lb

Beg: 95/65lb (or less)