DATE – Wednesday April 16th 

Warm-up: 2 rounds:

4 x Turkish get ups (2/2, light-moderate)

5 x Divebomber push-ups

5-7 x “ATYT” w/ light plates

20-30s Handstand hold


Mobility) Pec stretch laying on the ground (60s/side)


WOD A) In 15 min establish a 1 rep max bench press.

(This number will be used for our next strength cycle so be sure to write it down in your books!)


WOD B) Partner WOD!! Pair up with someone of similar bench press strength. With only one partner working at a time complete:

3000m Row (3 x 500m each, partner off the rower must complete 3 x 15′  rope climbs before returning to the rower)

100 x Bench press (60% of average max – switch as needed)

100 x Partner med ball sit-ups (20/14lb) (alternating reps, 50 each)

100 x Burpees (switch as needed)