Warm up: Dynamic lengths (LB focused) + 20-30 banded good mornings

Mobility: Banded hip capsule external rotation stretch

Review box squat technique. In 5-7 mins warm up to 60% of 1rm, then:

WOD A) EMOM x 16 (8 alternating rounds) (18min)
A1) Box squat x 3 (@3,1,X,1 – 60-70% of 1rm maximum)
A2) Tall box jump x 3 (perform as 3 singles, safe but challenging height)

WOD B) Five rounds for time:

20 Wallballs (20/14)
15 Kettlebell swings (32/24)
– rest exactly 1min between rounds
Score is total time to complete, minus the 4min rest.
Scale reps/weight so that each most rounds are unbroken/sprint pace.