DATE – Monday April 7th   


Warm-up: Full body dynamic warm-up


Mobility: Roll out calves, quads, and triceps


WOD A) 4 alternating sets:

A1) Tall Box jumps x 3 (1.1.1.)

A2) Plyo push-ups x 5 (jump hands up to plates or boxes)


WOD B) Complete 2 rounds for total reps/calories completed:

2 min at each station/AMRAP, 1min rest between each: (24 min)


1) Rowing (Cal)

2) Wall Balls (20/14) x 10 reps / Burpees x 10 reps

3) Pull-ups x 10 reps / Push-ups x 10 reps
4) Box jumps x 10 reps / Sit-ups x 10 reps


Start ½ the class on station #1 and the other ½ on station #3. Rotate through in order completing 2 full rounds. Each athlete will need a scrap paper to note completed reps at each station in their rest period. Coaches, use the interval clock set to 2min & 1min and complete 8 rounds.