(10-12 mins)
Pre-squat: hips, ankles, thoracic, & wrist openers
Banded glute/squat warmup

Front Squat
7/13 Front Squat/Back Squat
Complete 7 Front Squats, re-rack the bar and then complete 13 Back Squats after 2-3 breaths
25 mins to warmup and complete 4 working sets:
7 Front Squats, followed immediately by 13 Back Squats @ 70% of your Front Squat training max.
-Rest approx. 3 mins or as needed between sets-

-Your “training max” for this cycle will be 90% of your Front Squat 1RM. So for example if your 1RM is 200lb, then your training max will be 180lb. 70% of 180 = 126lb *perform sets at 125-130lb.

3 super sets:
10-8-6 Bulgarian Split Squats /side – barbell back racked, build each set, these should be HARD
100′ KB Carry /side – one KB front racked, one farmers
-rest 2-2.5 mins between sets-

-Take a shorter stance on the split squats today and allow your knee to come forward, focusing on working your quads
-Work on perfect upright posture for the KB carry, this will help with your FS position

3 super sets:
8-12 GH Raises
6 DB Side Lunges /side
6 OH DB Walking Lunges /arm
-rest 2-2.5mins between sets-

3-4 super sets:
20 KB Side Bends /side
30 Russain Twists
40 secs Weighted Plank
-rest 60-90 secs-