500m Run
10 Leg swings
8/side single leg good mornings + 15s hold on last rep.
8 Scorpions w/ 2-3s hold/side (pec stretch)


Partner straddle stretch – 30s/each x 2
Partner dip extension stretch* – 30s/each x 2
*Prone position – palms down/shoulder width or a bit wider – squeeze shoulder back and down while partner lifts gently.


Every 45s x 16 (8 sets each alternating – 12 min)
A1: Deadlift x 4 reps (Dynamic effort 60-65% of 1RM across)
A2: Strict ring dips/dips x 5-7 reps
(Advanced athletes may add banded resistance to both the deadlift and ring dip)


3 rd: Sled push / GHD / 400m Run
3 rounds for time:
100ft Sled push (Rx: 135/90lbs)
15 GHD Sit-ups (sub V-ups/tuck-ups)
Run 400m
– Rest 1 min between rounds –
(Subtract the 2min rest + possible stagger from total working time)

WOD C (Optional)

3 rounds: NFT
25 Banded good mornings (Heavy – Black/Green+)
45-60s Weighted plank