Big dynamic hips and shoulders
PVC dislocates and OHS


7/13 Front Squat/Back Squat

Complete 7 Front Squats, re-rack the bar and then complete 13 Back Squats after 2-3 breaths

-In 17 mins perform one of the two options depending on how your legs are feeling after Monday:
1) 3 sets of 7/13 Front Squats/Back Squats
-Complete all sets at 94% of Monday’s weight (approx. 60% of 1RM Front Squat)
-Rest approx. 3 mins between sets

2) 3-5 sets of 4 Front Squats @ 60% of 1RM Front Squat


Tears For Fears

E90SECS x 10 sets (15 mins):
6 Burpees Over Bar (lateral)
4 Power Snatches

Complete both movements in 90 secs
Suggested Rx 135/95lb but work at approx. 60-65% of your 1RM
Use the same weight for all 10 sets, record weight used


3 rounds:
Max GH Raises
12-15 barbell good mornings – add light weight
-Rest 60-90 secs-

Crossover Recovery or Iron Scap after 3 rounds