2 rounds:
8-10 Band Front Raises + 8-10 Upright Rows
8-10 KB Shoulder Press + 5 KB Windmills /side
8-10 Scap Pull-ups
8-10 Ring Rows

Shoulder Press x 5
A1) 12 mins to build to a 5RM Shoulder Press – this will burnout fast so make 2.5-5lb jumps if you’re expecting less than 100lbs!

-Rest until min 15, then:

A2) 1 x Max UB Strict Pronated Pull-ups
*Scale to banded that will allow 8-10+

-Rest until min 19, then:

A3) 1 x max UB Strict Handstand Push-ups
*Scale to banded or box that will allow 8-10+

Delt Air Lines
5 rounds for time:
50 Double-unders
20 Single Arm KB Push Press 24/16kg 10/side, divided however
15 Pull-ups

-Use a KB weight that you could do 10 UB with when fresh
-Scale Pull-ups to 10, and switch to Jumping or Ring Rows as needed
-Keep DU’s less than 1 minute, or 50-100 singles

1) 3 super sets:
With 2.5-10lb plates as an UB complex: 10-12 Lateral Delt Raises, 10-12 Bent Over Rear Delt Raises, 10-12 Front Delt Raises
12-15 Double DB Upright Rows – keep these light
-rest 90 secs-

2) Crossover Plyo