10 mins agility ladder + dynamic stretch


P.S. I Hate You

4 Rounds for time
30/25 Cal Row (2 mins max. on first round)
500m Run
70 Double Unders
-Active rest/walk 2 mins between rounds-

-Aim for a strong but consistent pace across all 4 rounds
-Scale DU’s to approx. 60-90 secs or 100 singles
-Scale row cals to 20/15 if you aren’t a strong rower, same with the run; 3-400m instead of 500m
-Stagger heats by 3 mins
-Subtract 6 mins rest + stagger from total time


3 Rounds (start as soon as you are ready after WOD A)
40-60 secs side plank each side
30-40 Russian Twists w/med-ball
40-60 front plank (add light weight if needed)
-Rest 10-20 secs between exercises, 60-90 secs between rounds-