I absolutely love reaching out to our members 8 weeks in to check and see if they are “drinking the Koolaid”. Turns out my man Ray is all in! You’ve been doing great Ray and we appreciate your kind words and HARD work! Keep it up man… From Ray:


My first 8 weeks have been fantastic.  It took a couple of weeks to gain confidence but i was encouraged by noticeable results after only a couple of weeks (and more importantly, results noticed by my wife too). 

Having no prior crossfit experience, I can only pass on the compliments from other people who’ve come from other boxes. Coaching at 604 seems to be top notch; better than any other gig in town. Its a common theme that I’ve heard over and over again. Personally, I find all the coaches knowledgeable and, as importantly, approachable. I try to make it a point to thanks you guys after every workout ’cause I really appreciate the expertise. So a big thanks to you and your staff. Keep up the good work. 
As for a playlist…well, i’m not sure how receptive Slayer, Venom or 3 Inches of Blood would be to other box members so I think I’ll leave my ipod at home.