604mageddon Registration Deadline









What is the 604Mageddon?

As we draw closer to the CrossFit Open, we want to make sure that ALL of our athletes get a chance to participate in this event. We realize that everyone is at a different stage of their fitness journey, so we have come up with a way of running a CrossFit 604 inhouse team competition in conjunction with the Open. The teams will consist of our athletes from all levels, divided equally, competing in their own class against other Brigade members in their class. The full details will be released a bit closer to the start of the Open, but some of the highlights of our plan are explained below.

Firstly, what is the Open?

The CrossFit Open is 5 weeks long consisting of 1 workout per week. The workouts get announced every Thursday starting on Feb 21. Everyone around the world competing in the open does the same workout each week. (More details below on the scaled division). After you complete the workout, you submit your scores and get added to the world leaderboard (for your age/sex/division). The Open workouts will be incorporated into our Friday classes every week. So if you train on a Friday, you will be doing the Open WOD in class just like any other class. Additionally, we will be organizing heats during open gym on Saturdays & Sundays each week if you want to do the WOD and can’t make it on the Friday. The Open is a ridiculously fun 5 weeks of CrossFit for everyone participating and also for all those spectating! For the last 5 years our gym has had over 100 members signed up and participating each week. It’s a very exciting time to be part of the best CrossFit community around.

Is This For Everyone?

Is This For Everyone? CrossFit HQ has created a way to make the Open accessible for all levels of athletes… So we want to include everyone in the festivities and help introduce some of our newer members to the best CrossFit event of the year!


To take this a step further we have created an inhouse Team Competition! 4 evenly matched teams consisting of ALL of our members who are interested in participating in the Open will go head to head. Athletes will complete all the Open workouts at their own skill level and their results will contribute toward their team accordingly. This is designed so that ALL of our athletes can participate and enjoy this awesome event. Whether you are only a couple months into classes or have years of experience, there is a lot of fun (and bragging rights) to be had!


And as I mentioned above, if you come to class on Fridays, you will be doing the Open WOD anyways… So sign up! I promise you will have a blast getting into the spirit of CrossFit. It only costs $20 and will change how you look at CrossFit forever!


604Mageddon Tmeline As Follows:

  • Now – Registration for the CrossFit Open is Available
  • Feb 18 End of day – Registration for 604mageddon is closed (You can still sign up for the Open after this time, but you will miss the draft to be added to a team, and thus not be included in the 604Mageddon)
  • Feb 19 – The Draft for 604Mageddon Takes Place (4 604Mageddon Teams are chosen)
  • Feb 21 – Teams Are Announced (Registered participants will have been selected to be in one of four teams. Full rosters will be released and team captains will begin strategizing with their team members)
  • Feb 22 – First WOD Announced

WOD Schedule – FIVE WEEKS | FEB. 21 – MARCH 25

19.1: Feb. 21 – 25
19.2: Feb 28- March 4
19.3: March 7 – 11
19.4: March 14 – 18
19.5: March 21 – 25

 Mar 28 – 604Mageddon Winners announced!