Log In to Your 604 Account

Everything regarding your account can be accessed here. Your personal information, your billing, your workout history, your attendances etc etc. Be sure to upload a photo! ***There may or may not be be a penalty for not having one ;-))

Door FOB

All members are required to have a door FOB to gain access to the gym. Upon sign up, your payment method will be billed for the cost of the door FOB. You can simply claim your FOB upon arrival to the gym. As of 2020, the cost is $35 per person. (Not required for private training clients)

604 Schedule

Currently, your membership includes unlimited access to our CrossFit Classes. Please visit the CrossFit Schedule to see what is available! (Private training clients please visit Booking Onramps & Privates to find your appropriate schedule for booking!)

Reservation Policy

The policy is pretty straight forward – If you booked it, show up. We allow reservations 46 hours in advance of a class start time, and you can cancel as long as there is at least 2 hours notice before the class start time. Weekday morning classes require 9 hours minimum. This is to allow the next person on the waitlist to decide if they still want the class so PLEASE don’t leave it to the very last minute if possible). If you No-show a sold out class there will be a penalty which will equal our current drop in rate, which will be charged to your card on file – No exceptions. For more info on our Reservation policy please visit: https://crossfit604.com/no-show-policy/

***Private training clients must give 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule

Hold Policy

It is possible for you to put your account on hold. To see our current hold policy please visit: https://crossfit604.com/membership-holds/

Community & Communication

Communication: We use an app called Signal to keep you in the loop with important announcements (such as schedule changes etc). It’s a one way communication tool so there is no “social media” aspect to this service. You simply download the app, join via our link, and you get alerted when there is an important message from us. To get set up on our private CrossFit 604 Signal Channel follow these 2 steps:

1. Download Signal

2. Join our private Signal group

Avoid using emojis on Signal if you want your contact details to remain hidden from other members.

Please keep in mind that all member specific messages (such as receipts etc) will only be sent out via email so do not unsubscribe from them unless you want to miss all of those 🙂

Community: We recognize that CrossFit is VERY social – And we want to foster this aspect of our community – We have also created a secondary Signal channel so that members and coaches can communicate with each other. Make plans, organize outings, and all sorts of fun things. To be a part of this channel simply continue on with step 3 below after you have completed steps 1 and 2 above.

3. Join our private Signal Social Group

Download The App

Download for the appropriate device and log in with your 604 account. Use this app to book classes, update billing info etc

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Google Play Store

Booking Onramps & Private Training

If you have purchased a membership with Onramp or Private Training Sessions you can now book your desired times! (You must be logged in to access your sessions)

Book My Onramp Sessions
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Ready To Go?


Ready To Go?





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