Choose Your Rival

In conjunction with the CrossFit Open and the 604Mageddon, we wanted to do something extra with a little grit. And what could be grittier than a head to head challenge amongst friends?! With that spirit in mind we created the 604 FACE/OFF

Over the 5 weeks of the 2019 CrossFit Open we are going to pair off nominated athletes in a head to head throw down each week!

You will submit yourself and your rival for consideration. If chosen, you will be featured in one of our weekly FACE/OFF video series episodes produced by the great Rich Neindorf!

You will challenge an athlete with similar abilities and if they accept, one of you will submit your pairing in the 604 Facebook Group. An RX pairing and a Scaled pairing will be selected for each week of the Open on the Tuesday before the workout is announced.

The Open workouts are announced each Thursday at 5:00pm. You and your rival will go head to head that night at 7:30. This means you both need to be warmed up and ready to go for 7:30.

The video will be released the following Monday featuring your interviews, your smack talk and your performances! You need to specify in advance if there are any Thursdays that you and your rival will not be available so that other athletes can be selected.

So get ready to challenge or be challenged for the 604 FACE/OFF! Visit the Facebook Post to register!