Lot’s of gyms are big.

Lots of gyms are nice…

But few are both.

We’ve done something unparalleled.

We built our dream gym…

CrossFit 604

We Built Our Dream Gym

Lot's of gyms are big. Lots of gyms are really nice... But few are both.

We built an amazing experience that is unparalleled. Our gym has a ridiculous amount of space, lots of the best equipment available and a killer workout environment that lets you get the MOST out of your CrossFit experience! No expense was spared when we put it together. It was all purchased with the selfish notion that WE wanted to use this gym! There was no question of what the “value” of having great equipment was.

There’s nothing worse than lifting barbells that have mismatched plates (or plates with no inserts), rowers that are all smashed up or using skipping ropes that are held together with tape… double-unders are HARD ENOUGH! So, we put our money where our mouth was and created an environment that can’t be matched. To see a list of some of our equipment click here.

When you need a rope to climb

There should be one available.

When you need a kettlebell to swing,

You shouldn’t be handed a dumbbell.

We have done our part, so you can do YOUR part!


CrossFit 604

Quality And Quantity

We made sure to have lots of everything so that people don't have to compromise their workouts .

There is a time to partner up, but equipment availability is NOT the reason you should be paired up or partnering with someone. When you need a rope to climb, there should be one available. When you need a kettle bell to swing, you shouldn’t be handed a dumbell. We have done our part, so you can do YOUR part! To see a list of some of our equipment click here.

5000 square feet of work out area…

1000 square feet in “wow factor” 

Change rooms with 4 showers,

A dedicated mobility area,

More space than we know what to do with!


CrossFit 604

A Massive Space

It can get pretty hairy in a WOD...

so having people swinging kettlebells, dropping barbells or just plain old throwing stuff around (including body parts) DEMANDS a safe distance between CrossFitters. It’s all fun and games until someone loses their teeth (or worse). Enough space is a prerequisite.

CrossFit 604 has tons of room to make sure all athletes have the proper space, equipment and coaching to ensure a safe, productive WOD. Our Gym has 5000 square feet of work out area, plus another 1000 square feet in “wow factor” change rooms with 4 showers, retail and dedicated mobility area. The facility offers everything you could ever want. A lounge where members can just hang out before or after class? Hell yes! And a location to do CrossFit in downtown Vancouver with this much to offer can’t be beat.


We have a ton of fun.

We have the greatest Facility, 

We have the greatest Community,

We have the greatest team,

It’s amazing to come here every day.


CrossFit 604

Home Is Where The Heart Is

We finally found the right space.

When we found the space (which took almost a year) we were thrilled to finally have something that we could call home. We had plenty of room for WOD space, but we were also able to put in 2 beautiful full sized change rooms with showers and lockers, FREE wi-fi, some iPads for our members to use, and of course, the space that allows us to hang out after the class and not get pushed out the door after your CrossFit beating! It’s always nice to catch your breath, clean yourself up and hang out with class mates and talk shop or just socialize! You’re already downtown Vancouver so there is always lot’s to do after!