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Tom Highmore

My CrossFit training began in the UK in 2007 when a friend of mine, who was also a personal trainer, introduced me to it. I was playing competitive soccer at the time and was also weight training so I considered myself in great condition. Let’s just say that my first CrossFit workout showed me that my fitness levels weren’t quite where I thought they were! I was completely hooked. A workout that looked so simple on paper had me saying, “What just happened?!” as I was lying down in a puddle of my own sweat afterwards.

I knew that I had found a real strength and conditioning program. Prior to starting CrossFit I had been doing a lot of research on how to optimize fitness and performance for my sport – soccer, or “football” as it’s better known in the UK! I had been supplementing my soccer training with some basic weightlifting and gymnastic exercises in a gym environment, seeing some OK improvements and carryover on the soccer field, but never really what I was hoping for and expected. Read More

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Riley Karroll

As the first child of parents who wanted an overachiever, they enrolled me in every activity possible from gymnastics, swimming, dance, ice skating, martial arts, and volleyball. At 8 I joined a competitive swim team, and at 9 I joined martial arts with my family. After a year of doing both at a high level it became unmanageable, so I focused on Martial Arts. I excelled at the Korean combination martial art called Sun Hang Do and by 16 I had earned my black belt, and was competing regularly in weapons, fighting and traditional patterns. I craved the discipline and challenge.

I spent another 3 years and achieved my 3rd degree black belt. A few years later going back to my martial arts roots. I was drawn into Muay Thai which I did for 2 ½ years. In a desire to lose a few inches before my wedding I enlisted a personal trainer and spent a few years working with him. He worked predominantly with Olympic style athletes, so our focus became Olympic lifting training, with a lot of regular Kettlebell work, and CrossFit style of training. Not long after that I joined CrossFit and became instantly addicted Read More

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Pete Kendrick

I was born and raised in Vancouver where I played many competitive sports through high school, including Rugby, Tennis, Track & Field and Field Hockey. After high school I focused on field hockey and played for team Canada on both the junior and senior national teams. It was in this same period of playing hockey and touring with team Canada that I completed my diploma in Human Performance from Langara College. After college and touring I began working at Fitness Town as this seemed like a natural fit and path for my further development and interest in Health & Fitness. But as many people do I began neglecting my own fitness After a few years and gained some unwanted extra poundage and found that I had lost my competitive drive. It was in 2008 that I discovered CrossFit, and even after losing my lunch after my intro session, I was immediately hooked.

By sticking with the program I have found dramatic improvements in almost every aspect of my life. While I have been impressed with the physical results, it’s really the mental challenge and the ability to continue learning and teaching others that has kept me hooked now 8 years later. Read More

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Jason Darr

I was never an athlete. In fact, I was the opposite of athlete… I was skinny, uncoordinated, and weak. The closest I came to athleticism was my short-lived hockey career. I was a goalie in Pee Wee hockey, and the only thing higher than my “goals against” average was my penalty minutes… Not much more to say than that. Except maybe that when it came to sports I was a complete turd out there… I mean seriously, I was just terrible. To be honest, all I ever wanted was to be a famous guitarist, see the world and play in a kick ass band… and I came pretty close. I signed my first record deal in 2003. I spent the next five years living my dream… I had a top 30 hit in the United States, toured all over the world with some of the hugest bands on the planet and played in one of the best live bands anyone had ever seen. But, as I got older, I knew I couldn’t do this forever, and I never had enough financial success as a musician to continue doing it. So, I decided to switch gears.

As soon as I came off tour, I put on 20 pounds (not the good kind) and felt older than I had ever felt. I guess the crazy live shows and ghetto gym workouts that we did on tour were keeping me in ok shape after all. Read More

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Morgan Carlson

I grew up wrestling, with a fair bit of success at the high school level, competing nationally and internationally.  As an adult, I pursued activities like rock climbing, snowboarding, and mountain biking, but, even though I REALLY missed the brutal beat downs of  wrestling practices, I couldn’t find an exercise or fitness regime that could hold my focus and enthusiasm for more than a few weeks.  And I was paying the price. I had problems with my back, my shoulders, my knees. It was getting harder to enjoy my outdoor pursuits. Even my job was growing increasingly uncomfortable.  I was in my early thirties, and I felt, physically, like I was already on the downhill slide into old age.

I had been hearing a lot about CrossFit from friends but, like so many people, I thought it was something I would have to get in serious shape for before I could even start. In 2008, desperate to avoid terminal decrepitude, I had an inspiration: I wanted to be able to say, at least once more in my life, that I was in the best shape of my life. So, despite feeling intimidated, I took the plunge and started CrossFit. Read More

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Jennifer Dober

I spent a good part of my childhood immersed in the all consuming sport of gymnastics. I started when I was 3 and it kept me busy until I finally retired after 2 years of competing at a University level. I would not trade my years in gym for anything, but in retrospect all that time spent was at the expense of making me more well rounded. I missed out on team sports, music and other activities. Once retired, I explored different activities in a effort to find something to replace gymnastics. I did some running, some triathlons, even a marathon, I got into things like climbing, whitewater kayaking and West Coast Swing dancing, but nothing stuck for more than a few years until CrossFit came along in 2007.

I was introduced to CrossFit after being brought in as a consultant to help CrossFit coaches teach gymnastic movements to their members. I quickly fell in love with the sport and was competing within a few months of starting. I see CrossFit as a version of gym that is sustainable life long and ensures an active, healthy lifestyle. From a coaching perspective, there is nothing more fulfilling than watching the transformation that happens when people adopt the CrossFit lifestyle. Read More

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Ryan Trinidad

I grew up with a hunger for learning new ways to improve my body and mind. I spent 7 years practicing Kyokushin a style of stand up, full contact Karate. I was drawn to this style as the word describes “Kyokushin” is Japanese for “the ultimate truth.” It is rooted in a philosophy of self-improvement, discipline and hard training. I’ve spent 3 years studying Capoeira, the Brazilian Martial Art that combines elements of dance & acrobatics to achieve quick and complex moves using power, speed, and leverage for a wide variety of kicks, spins, and highly mobile techniques. And to round out my martial arts training I also spent 3 years immersed in Muay Thai, which is a combat sport of Thailand using stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. Through it all, (10 years) I’ve been a regular student of a variety of practices of Yoga. This mind body connection has always been an important aspect to my life.

In 2010 I was introduced to CrossFit by my sister. Initially I was drawn to how much fun it was as it felt like an adult playground. I soon fell in love with all the technical aspects of CrossFit… Read More

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Louise Eberts

CrossFit came to me a little bit later on. Throughout my journey of sports and movement, I have also done a lot of different activities/sports in my years. I started with dance at 3, which continued until I was 16. I was in gymnastics at a provincial and national level from age 7 until 13, then track and cheerleading from 14-18. I learned how to skateboard when I was 17 and that transferred over to the snow and I was obsessed with snowboarding from 19-27, I was sponsored and it was everything to me.

When I was 28 I made a big move to Montreal and for the first time in my life I had no sport, I left my snowboard sponsors and was feeling pretty lost. I tried triathlons for a bit but it was not my thing and then I found CrossFit. When I went for my first workout I was cocky and thought that my friend who pushed me to go was making way to big of a deal about this BARFING after you workout thing, I almost didn’t make it through the warm up. I was hooked. CrossFit gave me the same feeling I got when I was hiking a ridge line with my snowboard strapped to my back pack, that burning, scary and addicting feeling of sweat, loss of breath and pain. I LOVED IT. Read More

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Shannon de Peralta

I grew up in San Diego, California, and at 5 years old I was introduced to gymnastics.  I was immersed in the sport until I was 17, and then shortly after began coaching gymnastics while attending the University of San Francisco, where I was an NCAA Division 1 Cheerleader for 4 years.  During this time, a fellow ex-gymnast friend introduced me to CrossFit as something “fun and competitive” to try.  Eventually as my passion for CrossFit grew, I began CrossFit coaching after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, and a minor in Biochemistry… yes I’m a closet nerd.

My favorite movements to coach are the highly technical ones (Snatch, HSPU, etc.). I live for the “light bulb moment:” that moment when the athlete’s face lights up, when something challenging finally clicks. That is what drives my passion for coaching.

I am also passionate about my own CrossFit training and have been focusing on my competitive side… Read More

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